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The Z Bike

• Up to 32km/h• 4.5 hrs charging time
 with 70% in 2.5 hrs
• 75km on a Single Charge


The Glee Bike

• 400w
• Up to 32km/h
• 4.5 hrs charging time
 with 70% in 2.5 hrs
• 75km on a Single Charge

Get your 1 battery extra deal adding a max 150km distance

Check out our beautiful Glee Bikes

The Glee Bike is perfect for city living & recreational trail use.

Glee Shaped for Zip & Zap

The Glee Bike’s new geometric and streamlined profile gives the rider a lightning-fast sense of movement before they ever get on the bike. Once aboard, the 7-shaped aluminum frame will whip you around any city in a flash. The frame is light and durable and features advanced robotic welding for maximum durability and structural integrity.

4 Hydraulic Shocks

The Z bike’s hydraulic system and spring-dampened cushioned seat result in a strong yet extremely smooth ride. The double-forked front suspension dampens vibrations in the steering column. The springs under the frame give the back wheels the same suspension, leaving the rider to waste minimal energy pedalling over road inconsitencies. In addition, the bike features many safety reflectors as well as an electronic brake

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If you would like to find out more about Glee bikes and believe that our Glee Bike is a great fit, please contact us at [email protected]
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Glee Custom Disc Brakes

Glee Custom designed brakes delivering unparalleled quality longevity and stopping power.

High Performance Chip

The Glee Bike has a break-through drive motor sensors and premium components, batteries, instruments & switches.

Movement Alarm System

Protect your Glee Bike from thieves with our advanced audible motion alarm; Any unauthorized movement will trigger it.

48v / 7.5Ah Lithium Battery

Our motor is powered by removable and lockable multi-cell Lithium Ion battery pack, with a UL-Rated charger.

Glee Weekend Bike Demos Across the Lower Mainland.

If you would like to book a weekend demo,
contact us at [email protected]
Let us know where you are in the LM and the time on a Saturday or Sunday that you are free. We will be in touch to set it up!

Large Screen Display

Questions? Get inTouch Today

Glee Bike offers bike assembly and home service!

If you wish, although this isn’t necessary, you may want a service person to come to your house, assemble the bike and walk you through its operations on the first purchase and we can do that for you!
We recommend every 1 year a brake pads check and overall system check. We do supply tools with your Glee Bike when it first comes to your house or business however you may want a professional. Please note the bike is also very low maintenance and is designed for long rugged operation.
Glee rate for the lower mainland will be $175
For a standard bike build, how-to-operate lesson & box disposal.
Standard labour fee $120/hr min hour.

Glee Bike Features

Here are just a few of the new compact Glee Bike’s many features. Whether you’re just zipping out to the store, or taking a day long trip around the city, the Glee Bike has you covered.

75km on a Single Charge

With your new Glee Bike charged up and ready you can now explore far and wide! LEARN MORE

LED Headlights

Every Glee Bike has super bright LED headlights, available at the flick of a switch, to light the way day or night. LEARN MORE

Full Charge in 4.5 Hours

For daily riders who need a full charge without long waits, the Glee Bike is your solution, charged up every morning.LEARN MORE

Up to 32kmh

The Glee Bike keeps you moving with traffic. The powerful 400W electric brushless motor is robust and durable.LEARN MORE

Glee Bike Specifications

Glee Bike

Battery Capacity
0 Ah
Wheel Size
0 in
Max Load
0 Kg
Climb Angle
0 deg


As an exclusive offer to early browsers of our new website, we are offering the Z Bike for pre-order. Immediately secure your exciting new Z Bike, ahead of the official launch!




Folds Quickly & Easily

The small and portable Glee Bike folds quickly with the twist of a clasp. Take the Glee Bike wherever you go, as it fits comfortably inside car trunks, offices and even elevators.




Questions? Get inTouch Today

hotspots_2RIM SIZE
hotspots_2ARMED DEVICE
hotspots_2RIM SIZE

3 Modes for All Kinds of Riding

Cycling Mode

Need a bit of exercise? Operate the Glee Bike using your own power. LEARN MORE

Power Mode

Power assistance, once you start to pedal the Glee Bike. LEARN MORE

Electric Mode

Power it on, and rev the throttle to go, no pedalling needed. LEARN MORE

Thomas S

I took my big gas-guzzling car to get fixed. It was far from my home, I loaded my Glee Bike into the trunk, rode it 25km to my office from the service, worked all day, rode it back to the car service place, picked up my car from service and threw Glee Bike into my trunk. I even detoured down a hilly park trail no problemo it just zips up hills! Where can you get a state of the art alarm system with two cool electronic FOB's, a powerful 400 w engine, removable battery, cell phone holder, cool design, 3-speed modes, great lights and rain fenders and foldable and I can put it in the trunk of my car with no rack needed?…bud this is a No Brainer!

Lori P

I considered buying an E bike for a long time but I couldn't afford most of them.I studied the Glee Bike and took one for a test drive.I bought it on the spot...it's light foldable cool modern design and I can bring it easily to my bachelors apartment in the elevator as well when I am sitting with my friends having a coffee I don't have to worry about theft or someone moving the bike a big bike is really hard and honestly heavy.. to find a place to lean against is always a challenge in my city..not the Glee Bike it's just right for city living.fits in those tight spots perfectly...I goto Yoga and Gym a lot a big bike just will not fit into the gym...the Manager of the gym I work out saw the bike and said no problem just bring it into foyer..I was so relieved.

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