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World’s first for Ebikes! From Glee Bikes Inc an electronic movement sensor alarm system with engine shutdown lock FOB integral and built right into the frame!

It comes with two FOBS so never worry about losing your FOB. Glee Bikes Inc understands the chance of loss.

Glee Bikes wants you to enjoy cell phone call's safely so with every bike is included with a tough cell phone holder that fits right on the handlebars of your Glee Bike... make calls, listen to your music without worry of dropping your cell phone and of course please keep your eye on the road.

CAD/CDN $ 1,699 - Glee Bike with one battery.

CAD/CDN $ 100 - Rugged Rotatable Lockable Cell Phone Holder

CAD/CDN $ 100 - Fenders

CAD/CDN $ 400 - In frame Alarm system plus two FOB'S and ignition key and battery lock.

CAD/CDN $ 400 - Extra Battery.

CAD/CDN $ 2,699 - List Price

CAD/CDN $ 1,499

Special Early Summer Sale



Glee Bike Description

An Internationally designed micro mobility tool that will deliver you:

  • All around your city, town or village, in a fun and fast way.
  • Foldability
  • Power
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • High design and style
  • Convenience
  • Theft proof
Glee Bike Highlights
Glee Bike is compact when folded and ships easily in 2-3 business days.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 118 × 35 × 76 cm


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Shipping Delivery

First of all enjoy free shipping and same day shipping to selected locations!
Glee Bikes Inc also loves to be a leader in delivery, logistics, fulfillment and service.

Our boxes are extensively tested for harsh conditions, as we know sometimes
Shippers can be a tad rough on boxes . Don’t worry we have spent years developing our tough boxes with extensive drop tests!
As well, Glee Bikes Inc has advanced software to show you when your Glee eBike will arrive at your door.

Every step in the purchase from Glee Bikes Inc should be fun, trustworthy, and worry free.

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Glee Bike Specifications
Open size
Folding size
Pedal shaft ground clearance
Minimum ground clearance
Frame materials
Aluminum alloy
Net weight
black, white, yellow
Battery capacity
Charger parameters
Max speed
Pure electric range
Power assist range
Climb angle
Glee Bikes Technology for the Anti Theft Crowd

Did you know that we vibration and fatigue stress test in our own GLEE EBIKES INC laboratory our frames structure and design some 200000+cycle times. GLEE also means tough and ready to roll!

Go for a coffee or shopping and not worry about it, your GLEE-ARMED eBike with patented movement sensor will first make a soft reminder not to touch the bike than it will escalate on the second touch and have a loud alarm and automatically lock the bike engine if an unwanted person touches your bike twice.

Sometimes you want to go to a Cafe and Bistro and you don’t want the hassle of finding a place to lock your bike. No worries!

The alarm is loud enough for you to hear it and the engine will lock if someone unwanted attempts to move the bike without your permission.

As well it acts as a parent control when those too young try to ride or try to take the bike without parental control units permission.


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