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Please note that information regarding the expected range on a single charge on one of our Glee Bikes is an estimate, not a guarantee. There are many factors that contribute to actual, real-world range for an ebike battery such as age of the battery, temperature, level of assist, speed, payload, and terrain. Given the right conditions, it is possible to get less than the expected minimum range or greater than the expected maximum range. GLEE Bikes Inc reserves the right to use substitute parts, material, or equipment of equivalent quality and value that meet Glee EBikes Inc strict standards.

Software and EBike software is subject to changes and upgrades; and Glee reserves the right to modify or change bike specifications at any time.
Driver Responsibility
Different provinces, counties, states, towns & cities have different laws/regulations for eBikes. Some key regulations include:
Before riding your Glee eBike please read the road rules for the region you are in. Any stated provincial or state legal requirements relating to speeds/power restrictions should be strictly followed when commuting on roads or places specific to limitations that are stated e.g. also parks, tracks, trails, parking lots or private areas of residence. We ask that you seriously consider at all times that you are seen to be sensible and responsible and following local rules and regulations.

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